Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ephraim Syrus on Holy Saturday

They sealed you up within the tomb, and set guards, that your resurrection might be believed among those who deny you. It was for you that they sealed the tomb and set guards, O Son of the Living One! If they had neglected you and left you and gone after they buried you, there would have been room to lie and say that the disciples stole you, O Quickener of all! When they craftily sealed your tomb, they made your glory greater.

Daniel was a type of you, so also Lazarus; one in the den, which the Gentiles sealed up, and one in the tomb, which the people opened.

If they had left your tomb open, their mouth could have remained open. But they went away because they had shut your tomb and sealed it and closed their own mouths. Yea, they closed it, and when they had senselessly covered your tomb, all the slanderers covered their own heads.

But in your resurrection you persuade men concerning your birth. You were pure in the womb that was sealed and alive in the tomb that was sealed. The womb and the tomb, being sealed, were witnesses to you and to your divinity.

The belly and hell cried aloud of your birth and your resurrection: The belly, which was sealed, conceived you. Hell, which was closed up, brought you forth. Nature did not cause either the belly to conceive you or hell to give you up! Thus do they proclaim that you are of heaven.

Sealed was the tomb to which they had entrusted you, that it might keep you dead, that is, safe, and virgin was the womb, which no man knew. Virgin womb and sealed tomb, like trumpets, proclaimed him in the ears of deaf people.

Ephraim Syrus, from the readings for Holy Saturday in The Treasury of Daily Prayer.

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