Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is the right to work legislation dead?

  • The so-called right to work legislation in the Indiana House may be dying. There have been massive union-sponsored protests at the statehouse this week, culminating in the House Democrats leaving the state in order to deny the Republicans the quorum needed to proceed. The walkout is particularly effective because over 20 other bills could expire if they are not voted on.

    Mitch Daniels supports the legislation in theory but has made it clear that he believes it distracts from more pressing issues. And if the Republicans were hoping for a show of support from him today they must feel disappointed. This plus the potential expiration of several other bills give me a reasonable hope that they may withdraw the legislation. I'll be joining the protest tomorrow so if Republicans could withdraw it while I'm there it'd really make my day.

  • See here for a libertarian argument against right to work legislation. In short, it violates the right to contract.

  • Here is George Bailey defending unions. Well, he's talking about the savings and loan, but this speech came to mind last night as I was talking with Rachel. Imagine that he is talking about unions and you'll see why.


  1. My mother-in-law is a lifelong Indiana Republican and evangelical protestant, and she told my wife that she's "ashamed" of her state and considering changing her registration to Dem. (I helped talk her into voting for Obama in 2008, so there's some precedent here.) She's fed up not just with stuff like this, but also the Arizona-style immigration bill and the general "tea party"-ization of the Indiana GOP. (She also hates Dan Burton and is worried she'll be forced to vote for him in the primary to defeat his tea party challenger.)

  2. The Hoosier GOP really has become more radical - or maybe they just feel emboldened. I don't know. It just seems like an incredibly stupid strategy to, for example, turn the state's teachers against you. You'll not only lose their vote but the votes of many of their family and friends. I'm hoping their overreaching will stop the right wing momentum.


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