Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to a convention, plus links

Today we'll be travelling to Cincinnati to attend our first homeschool convention. The drive involves at least two hours on a notoriously bad two-lane highway with a girl who doesn't travel well. My daughter isn't much better. But once we're there we're hoping to find a good reading and Spanish curriculum. We're also excited to hear one or two of Peter Enns' talks and check out his Bible study curriculum.

Some stuff to leave with you:
  • This is NOT the reason we're homeschooling (via MoJo):
  • Robin Parry asks if Rob Bell is really a universalist. I interpreted Bell's book in the same way.
  • Also check out Robin Parry's article debunking seven myths about univeralism.
  • There's a promising new blog on Catholic Moral Theology. I haven't read all their posts yet, but "Praying and Framing" (on how we are shaped by the liturgy) is great.
  • Finally, an excellent Al Jazeera interview with Cornel West, the prophet (via memoria dei). He is sharply critical of Obama.

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